The Importance of Local SEO Services

One universal truth of digital marketing best practices is that localizing your strategy for SEO rankings has always been good for business. If you install windows and doors in the Ottawa area, then you want people in that area to see you online. If you’re frequently popping up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) […]

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What an SEO Company Does vs. What People Think We Do

Some probably image that SEO companies, such as SEO TWIST, spend their days hacking into the Matrix, reshaping the Internet and search results with black magic and techno-sorcery. Or maybe they picture our team crowded around a giant whiteboard all day, discussing synergy and deliverables and other words no one really understands. But what our team […]

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5 Misconceptions about SEO Ranking You Should Avoid

SEO and search rankings are a constantly evolving science. The things that would have landed your business on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) a few years ago won’t do the same today, as search engines like Google become more advanced and efficient at their jobs. Whether they have simply become outdated over […]

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How to Turn PPC into Conversions

The goal of anyone who engages in a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is to increase the conversion of clicks into customers. The beauty of PPC is that it allows you to only pay for the ad space that people click on. It’s available through services like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and even YouTube. Here are a […]

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New Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm to Reward Sites Beginning April 21

By now, you know that more customers than ever before are accessing websites on their mobile devices rather than on their PCs, so it should come as no surprise that having a mobile friendly website can help improve your SEO ranking. Recently, Google made an announcement, letting us know that as of April 21, they […]

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When’s the Last Time Your Website was Evaluated?

If your business’s website is performing poorly, or just isn’t pulling in the kind of traffic and conversions that it used to, there’s a pretty good chance that it could benefit from a website evaluation. While known more colloquially as an audit, such an evaluation shouldn’t strike the same kind of anxiety into your heart […]

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