Retargeting Tips that Boost Conversions

How to Use AdWords and Behavioural Retargeting like a Pro Behavioural retargeting is an awesome tool for guiding potential customers back to your site to complete a conversion they may have previously left unfinished. But it’s not a one-and-done trick—you don’t just write up some AdWords copy and pray it’ll convert leads into genuine customers […]

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Long Distance Web Design – True Stories from Team SEO TWIST

When Choosing a Web Design Agency, Don’t Let Distance Be an Obstacle Being effective at what we do – search engine optimization and ranking on Google for the keywords that represent our services, means that many clients – both near and far, find us when they’re searching Google for the services that we offer. For […]

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Ottawa Web Design Experts Help You Create Calls to Action that Convert

Get some tips from an experienced internet marketing company to turn visitors into buyers You’ve recently set up a new website and you’re very happy with all the compliments you’ve been receiving about it. It looks beautiful and all the necessary information is on it, but for some reason, it’s not converting visitors into buyers […]

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Setting the Record Straight on Google Analytics

Here’s our Take on Four Commonly Misinterpreted Google Analytics Analytics data is invaluable to business owners, and more often than not it’s relied on to guide and measure the success of a website or a digital marketing campaign. Google Analytics in particular, which is a software that allows us to analyze a website on the […]

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Tailoring your Content Marketing Strategy to Best Reach the Generations

Knowing the Content Consumption Trends of your Target Market Can Result in Greater Success! In content marketing, you need to know your audience and their browsing habits, otherwise you’re going to have a pretty difficult time engaging them. Being in touch with your core demographic is the difference between keeping up with your competition, and […]

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4 Digital Marketing Stats and the Lessons We Can Learn From Them

Gain Insight into How You Can Improve Your Website’s Marketing Strategy One reason why we love digital marketing is that it is always changing, and as a result, it never ceases to keep us on our toes. That’s what’s so exciting about it; we absolutely love the challenge! We’ve searched high and low for some […]

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