Video Marketing Optimization for Beginners

Apply These SEO Best Practices to Start Ranking on YouTube Video marketing is a great way to make an impression on your audience, and effective use of video has benefits for businesses in practically all verticals. It’s everyone’s dream to be the genius who creates that next viral hit, but what if no one is […]

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Increase Social Media Interaction: Engage, Don’t Annoy

A web marketing company talks about being pesky; it’s for bugs not for brands For those that think creating effective social media content simply means updating your status with what you ate for breakfast or tweeting about how the barista at Starbucks got your name wrong for the thousandth time, think again. While it is a […]

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Competitive SEO Analysis: Why it’s Important

If You Want to Get Ahead of Ottawa’s Online Marketing Curve, Get Ready to Meet the Competition To boost their online marketing, Ottawa businesses need to keep a watchful eye on the local competition—especially when they’re being outperformed. When your business needs a boost, you need to find out who’s coming in first in local […]

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