Hire a Digital Marketing Agency – Your Safest Bet for Online Success!

You’re a busy entrepreneur with a million things to accomplish each day. You recognize that the world is moving away from traditional advertising, as the best way to maximize a marketing budget is clearly to focus on digital efforts. You know what you want to do, but do you or anyone in your company really […]

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Using Web Analytics to Improve Your Google AdWords Campaign

As we all know, the main goal of any successful online marketing campaign is to generate results. Whether that means increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or growing sales. The good news is, if you’re using Google AdWords then you’re already ahead of the game. This means you’ve taken the necessary steps before setting up your […]

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The Importance of Video Marketing in Getting Your Message Out There

Busy lifestyles have people on the move. Finding the time to read up on a product or service isn’t always an easy task. This is why video marketing has taken businesses around the globe by storm. Unlike a written account of your business, a corporate video can be watched at any time, in any space; […]

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Using Google’s New AdWords Feature to Get More Sales

In the cosmic world of online advertising, there are times when it seems your ad might just get lost in the “sea” of all other ads. This is very likely in part due to the fact that your ad, like many, may lack creativity and might even look more or less the same as the […]

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Google Improves its AdWords Metrics with “Store Visits” Data

It was just this week that we met with one of our clients who stopped by for a meeting to discuss his Google AdWords advertising campaign. As you can imagine, advertising goals differ amongst clients, and common Google AdWords goals include raising the company’s brand awareness, increasing traffic to a website, or increasing online sales […]

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THIS is When Google PPC Advertising Works Best!

Google Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is just that–you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. It allows you to market your product or service quickly and efficiently to a wide audience of online searchers on AdWords, Google’s advertising platform. Our clients ask us all the time, when are the best times to engage in a […]

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