What Role Did Social Media Play in #ELXN42?

A Look at How Canadians’ Likes, Tweets, and Selfies Influenced the 2015 Election The 42nd Canadian Election has come to a close, and history has been made. The Liberals have won a majority government, and their leader, Justin Trudeau, will become the country’s next Prime Minister. This campaign spanned a total of 78 days, the […]

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Digital Marketing Channels: How They Measure Up

Different Web Marketing Tools Have Different Strengths and Weaknesses—Know How to Use Them Banner ads, PPC, behavioural retargeting, social media advertising and native ads—what do these all have in common? They’re all tools and channels for web marketing. But while each one uses the internet the way its forebears used television, radio, and magazines, not […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Become a Blogger Extraordinaire!

Why blogging is a highly effective tool to boost your digital marketing game…as illustrated by some of your favourite TV characters! Welcome to our blog, a magical place where we share our ideas and thoughts about digital marketing with the online world. We make concerted efforts to regularly update our blog with information that our […]

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This Is How Your Business Should Be Using Instagram

Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level With This Powerful Visual Medium   Today, over 70 million photos will be shared by the more than 300 million users on Instagram. The photo and video sharing app has quickly become a fan-favourite in the world of social media marketing, and as the masses flock […]

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Increasing Year-Round Relevancy for Local Businesses

Make the Season Last All Year Long with Ottawa SEO How often do you hear of someone needing a patio built during the winter months? It’s not very common and unfortunately, many local, seasonal businesses lose online relevancy during their off-seasons. This is especially the case in Ottawa, where we both benefit, and are burdened […]

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Content Marketing: Keep It Simple

Why Overusing a Thesaurus Doesn’t Help Your SEO In the fifth grade I began reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. My English teacher at the time saw this, and told me that I was reading at a university level. I was flattered; I’d never been “exceptional” at anything, so I let it get […]

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