Facebook's login page on a laptop monitor.

Facebook Replaces Ad Relevance Score With 3 Relevance Diagnostics

New Approach to Relevance Gives More Info to Paid Advertising Specialists and Marketers Facebook is replacing the “Relevance” score in its ad platform with three relevance diagnostics that measure an ad’s quality, the engagement it’s receiving, and the expected conversion rate compared to ads that are also targeting your target audience. If you’ve spent any […]

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An iPhone's browser open to Facebook, sitting next to a MacBook's keyboard.

Facebook Ads Gets Consumer-Focused Clear History Tool

New Tool Will Let Users Clear History on Facebook, Offer Greater Transparency for Marketing Data and Facebook Ads Have you ever searched for something on Amazon or another online store then watched, mildly creeped out, as Facebook Ads suddenly start promoting exactly what you looked for? It’s a little disconcerting–and Facebook agrees. That’s why they’re […]

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Woman in an orange sweater takes a picture on a Canon DSLR camera.

Google Adding Support for Higher Quality Images in Search

3D Images, Swipe-Up Image Navigation, and High-Res Images Coming to Google Image Search Google I/O 2019 brought a ton of announcements last week, some of which may have slipped under your radar, including some cool news about Google Image Search. 3D images got a bunch of attention in Google’s I/O keynote with the news that […]

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Flowers in a shop laid out on a table next to a laptop and business notes.

Facebook Rolls Out New Small Business Tools

Automated Ads, Booking Features, and Video Editing Tools Now Available for Small Businesses Good news for small business owners on Facebook: the platform’s just rolled out a handful of helpful and easy-to-use tools to coincide with National Small Business Week, all designed to help make life a bit easier for small business owners. Automated Ads […]

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A mouse cursor hovers over a link that says "Security."

Google Introduces Free Anti-Scraper Tool

reCAPTCHA Enterprise Designed to Stop Hackers and Software-Based Attacks On April 10, 2019, Google announced they were introducing a variety of tools to support Google Cloud security. One of these tools, an enterprise anti-bot solution called reCAPTCHA Enterprise, recently entered a free beta trial period. reCAPTCHA Enterprise is designed to help stop scrapers, hackers, bots, […]

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New Reports Added to Google Search Console

Tools Provide Greater Insight into Parsing Structured Data, Addressing Issues Google recently announced the addition of three new reports to Search Console, each one related to structured data. These reports comprise two enhancements to the “Sitelinks searchbox” and “Logo” structured data reports and a brand-new “Unparsable Structured Data” report. These first two enhancements give users […]

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