Digital Marketing Channels: How They Measure Up

Different Web Marketing Tools Have Different Strengths and Weaknesses—Know How to Use Them Banner ads, PPC, behavioural retargeting, social media advertising and native ads—what do these all have in common? They’re all tools and channels for web marketing. But while each one uses the internet the way its forebears used television, radio, and magazines, not […]

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Retargeting Tips that Boost Conversions

How to Use AdWords and Behavioural Retargeting like a Pro Behavioural retargeting is an awesome tool for guiding potential customers back to your site to complete a conversion they may have previously left unfinished. But it’s not a one-and-done trick—you don’t just write up some AdWords copy and pray it’ll convert leads into genuine customers […]

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How Ad Retargeting Can Help Your Business Grow

Are you familiar with the term ad retargeting, also called remarketing? Did you know that only 2% of your website visitors are converted into customers on their first visit to your site? By helping motivate the other 98% through the sales funnel, ad retargeting is a great way to yield higher conversion rates from those […]

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The Perfect Coupling: SEO Services & Ad Retargeting

In the digital era, consumers have countless choices and most people do a lot of research before settling for a specific product or service. While many business owners turn to digital marketing to help them find, acquire and retain new customers, the biggest challenge they face is selecting the best digital strategy from the countless […]

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