Video Marketing Optimization for Beginners

Apply These SEO Best Practices to Start Ranking on YouTube Video marketing is a great way to make an impression on your audience, and effective use of video has benefits for businesses in practically all verticals. It’s everyone’s dream to be the genius who creates that next viral hit, but what if no one is […]

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Competitive SEO Analysis: Why it’s Important

If You Want to Get Ahead of Ottawa’s Online Marketing Curve, Get Ready to Meet the Competition To boost their online marketing, Ottawa businesses need to keep a watchful eye on the local competition—especially when they’re being outperformed. When your business needs a boost, you need to find out who’s coming in first in local […]

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Retargeting Tips that Boost Conversions

How to Use AdWords and Behavioural Retargeting like a Pro Behavioural retargeting is an awesome tool for guiding potential customers back to your site to complete a conversion they may have previously left unfinished. But it’s not a one-and-done trick—you don’t just write up some AdWords copy and pray it’ll convert leads into genuine customers […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Search Engine Optimization

A List of the Most Common SEO Questions we’re Regularly Asked Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses many elements, and based on the nature and volume of questions we get from new and prospective clients – ranging from how it works, whether their business needs it or if it’s worth it, to the meaning of specific […]

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Why Invest in Both Pay-Per-Click and Organic SEO

New Businesses Can Benefit Greatly from Combining PPC with Organic Search My first experience with marketing in any medium was when I met a DJ and promoter of Ottawa’s underground music scene. He had started hosting a weekly alternative music night at a local bar, and needed to get the word out, so he had […]

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How Ad Retargeting Can Help Your Business Grow

Are you familiar with the term ad retargeting, also called remarketing? Did you know that only 2% of your website visitors are converted into customers on their first visit to your site? By helping motivate the other 98% through the sales funnel, ad retargeting is a great way to yield higher conversion rates from those […]

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