How to Turn PPC into Conversions

The goal of anyone who engages in a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is to increase the conversion of clicks into customers. The beauty of PPC is that it allows you to only pay for the ad space that people click on. It’s available through services like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and even YouTube. Here are a […]

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New Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm to Reward Sites Beginning April 21

By now, you know that more customers than ever before are accessing websites on their mobile devices rather than on their PCs, so it should come as no surprise that having a mobile friendly website can help improve your SEO ranking. Recently, Google made an announcement, letting us know that as of April 21, they […]

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When’s the Last Time Your Website was Evaluated?

If your business’s website is performing poorly, or just isn’t pulling in the kind of traffic and conversions that it used to, there’s a pretty good chance that it could benefit from a website evaluation. While known more colloquially as an audit, such an evaluation shouldn’t strike the same kind of anxiety into your heart […]

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Hiring Professionals is your Best Bet for Effective Video Marketing

The average person watches one hundred and eighty-six videos each month. Here are a few quick reasons your business should hire a digital marketing agency to make sure yours is one of them. So what are you waiting for? Hire a digital marketing agency to integrate video into your marketing strategy today.

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Upping your Digital Marketing Strategy with Personalized Content

Each day the world of web marketing is changing and evolving. For every advantage this gives your business in reaching its customers, it also seems to bring a challenge. Take personalized content, for example. Accordingly to e-Consultancy, 52% of online businesses consider this a key element of their marketing plan and how they drive social […]

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Responsive Web Design for Optimal Web Marketing

Many of us do our online browsing via smart phones and tablets, along with or in place of using desktop computers. In fact, according to Mobile Marketing Statistics 2015, 25% of Internet users only go online via their mobile devices. Interestingly enough, a Google Mobile Path report indicates that 48% of this group is using […]

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