How to Become a Social Media Pro: 13 Tips to Boost Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Social media was once thought to be the next big fad, however, instead of just being the trend “du jour”, it has evolved to the point where it is now completely entrenched in the fabric of our society–and it doesn’t appear that it will decline any time soon. This kind of cultural shift brings us […]

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SEO TWIST Recognized as Exceptional New Business in the Nation’s Capital

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ottawa, Ontario, November 21, 2014 – The Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and the Ottawa Business Journal hosted the annual Best Ottawa Business (BOBs) Awards at the Shaw Centre on Thursday, November 20, to celebrate and honour outstanding companies and business leaders for their contributions to Ottawa’s economic success. SEO TWIST was selected […]

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Why Digital Video is the Secret Ingredient in Your Marketing Strategy

I’m often asked, “Do I need to include videos on my website?” And although I know it’s considered rude to answer a question with a question, I have to break the rules in this case. My response to this question is usually the following: Do you want to achieve a higher conversion rate? Do you […]

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Differences Between Past and Present-Day SEO Techniques

Nowadays businesses are moving away from traditional marketing and are gravitating towards digital marketing, which is highly measurable, affordable and provides greater reach. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the ranking of your website in the ‘organic’, or ‘natural’ section of the search engine results pages. If you want to grow your […]

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Get Connected With An SEO Expert Team To Better Your Online Marketing

In October 2011, it was estimated that there were nearly 9 billion mobile devices connected globally and by the year 2020, that number would nearly triple to 24 billion. Just look at the explosive hype surrounding the new iPhone 6, that’s just one example of how smartphones and mobile devices have taken over as the […]

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Increase Your Website’s Visibility On Google With HTTPs Encryption

In a progressively digital age, security while surfing the web is becoming more and more important. As a business that operates in the digital sphere, you must take these concerns into consideration in order to convey an image of trustworthiness and reputability. Beyond communicating to your customers and potential clients that you are a trustworthy […]

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