Get Returning Visitors to Your Website or Landing Pages and Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates

Display Advertising on Steroids: Advanced Retargeting Ads

Retargeting (or remarketing) is an advanced type of display advertising targeted to users who have been visiting your website but did not perform an engagement action, such as an inquiry of your services, products or promotions – or in other words, users who were not converted into a potential customer.

Retargeting allows us to increase the conversion rates of such visitors by over 300%. Once they come to your website for their first visit, their computers (or any device with web browsing capability) will receive a ‘cookie’ that enables the advertiser to serve banner & contextual ads tailored to that visitor. The banner call-to-action them entices them to come back to the site and complete their journey towards becoming a potential customer of your business.

The best thing about retargeting? You are pinpointing people who have already expressed an interest in your services, products or promotions, which makes it more likely for them to take an action. After all, they’ve been there before. That’s one of the reasons why the click-through and conversion rates for retargeted ad campaigns are massive compared to traditional standard banner advertising.

Retargeting Ads Display

Retargeting Ads General Banner Sizes

Smart & Creative Retargeting Ads: Targeted Impact

Banner ads have been reigning the internet advertising space for almost two decades now. Its click-through conversion rates have decreased substantially over the years, but with new “cookie” technology, serving your visitors with banner ads that “speaks” to them is the yielding a much higher click-through-rate (CTR). Our creative team takes into consideration the marketing message prior to the banner design itself. An enticing visual combined with contextual testing is applied to the banner design. Thorough testing with a variation of sizes and formats then begins.

For banner ad retargeting campaigns that require lots of creativity due to the quantity of services or product pages your website has, our team can create dynamic banners that show users the exact products and/or services they were viewing on your site, combining strategic cookie & design technology to display your visitors relevant retargeting banners.

Ad Networks Management: Reach Your Prospects Wherever They Go Online

Our team will prepare a strategic plan to launch and manage your retargeting ads campaign effectively. We’ll ensure your campaign is optimized to higher click-through-rates (CTR) while staying under the projected budget. Campaign planning, conversion tracking, analytics and bid management are some of the highlights our team engages to deliver on our promises. OUR EFFECTIVE RETARGETING ADS MANAGEMENT SERVICES, IN A NUTSHELL:

  • Ad testing: We’ll conduct an experiment with marketing messages. Experiment with different offers, calls to action, images and more.
  • Custom combination testing: We find different results when combining interest categories with previous site visitors. We will keep testing and find what works best for your account. E.g. Experiment with different combinations of cookie lengths. Messaging for visitors that visited your website between 7 and 30 days ago may not work for users who visited between 30 and 60 days ago.
  • Frequency cap testing: To maximize the number of interested visitors to your site, we’ll monitor your audience size in combination with the number of impressions your retargeting ad groups receive.
  • Bid testing: We’ll monitor impression share; following users and not sites, so not to annoy users.
  • Landing page testing: The user that you’re bringing back to your site already has a certain level of familiarity with your company. We’ll experiment with landing them on the same page and somewhere completely new. Is your messaging catered to someone who’s been there before? Are you asking questions on the landing page that a previous site visitor would already know the answer to? We will apply tests to find out which type of content connects most strongly to previous visitors.

Retargeting Ads Networks

Types of Retargeting Ads We Engage & Manage

Facebook Ads, Search and Website Targeted



This focuses on displaying your retargeting banner ads on the valuable pieces of “real estate” such as your News Feed and Sidebar on the Facebook platform.


97% Reach

With over 97% reach, search retargeting is almost guaranteed to display your ads wherever your visitors may go online. We could even call it “stalking”.


Potential Audience

Focused on existing retargeting lists, we can identify and target specific websites where your potential audience and buyer might go online.


Retarget your website visitors, increase your company’s awareness and convert more sales.