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Who is Eric?

Eric has a lot of interests. Having always been fascinated with data in both structured and unstructured ways, he has been one of the strongest believers that digital marketing and data science are indeed; a ‘match made in heaven’.

Eric, who also prefers to be called Eric; has always been a lifelong learner. The things that he spends most of his time on his on-line academic pursuits are : Data Visualization with Tableau and MS PowerBI , Geospatial Analysis with QGIS , relational databases and a lot of User Experience (UX) -related skill sets such as wire-framing, UX Research and Usability Testing. On top of this, he is focusing on getting certified in both Google Adwords & Google Analytics.

When Eric is neither at work nor studying, he is doing pro-bono stuff for 4 of his on-line volunteering for non profits based in U.S. The work he is for these revolves around UX , Data Analysis / Visualization and relational databases. One of Eric’s goals on both long term and short term, is to further add some ‘firepower’ into his toolkit :  get a ‘Nano-Degree’ in both Digital Marketing and also in Business Analysis.

During the extremely limited free time that Eric has, he usually keeps himself active by doing some physical activities and going out with friends.

Eric’s Skills & Highlights

Data Analysis
Public Speaking
Data Viz using Tableau and PowerBI