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Who is Jonathan?

Jonathan is the Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at SEO TWIST. He oversees major projects and ensures the company delivers top quality work and stellar customer service at all times. He has advanced knowledge in IT, sales and marketing, search engines, growth hacking, computer hardware, software, servers and network infrastructures, as well as web and mobile application development. With his exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities combined with his immediacy, whenever there is a problem to solve or an emerging need, it is likely that Jonathan will already have found the best solution for it and chances are that the problem or need is already fixed or attended to.

Jonathan has been an entrepreneur since his early college years, when in 1999 he founded his first computer service and web design company. He also shares a passion for legal affairs, business development, mergers and acquisitions, having been actively involved in the closing of mergers and acquisitions for several high-tech companies at an early age in his career. When not busy with client relations, you’ll find Jonathan either enjoying the outdoors practicing bow hunting, driving fast cars or motorcycles, flying airplanes or in court fighting speeding tickets!

Jonathan’s Skills & Highlights

Solutions Finding :
Customer Care :
Bow Shooting Accuracy :
Speeding Tickets Court wins % (from 29 appearances) :