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The Monthly Twist – May 2017

Welcome to the first issue of our brand-new newsletter, The Monthly Twist! We’ll be exploring the latest in the SEO and digital marketing worlds, giving you the latest on news and techniques you need to know to boost your bottom line fast. This month, we’re looking at conversational and voice search, as well as Google’s upcoming shift to a mobile-first index. We also check in with our expert development team for coding insights. Finally, learn how we helped revamp and revitalize the website for Al’s Steakhouse in time for their 50th anniversary!

Mobile SEO is About To Change In A Big Way and What You Need To Know For Your Google Search Rankings

With massive changes coming to Google Search, the time to focus on mobile SEO is now. Google search algorithms are about to start focusing on the mobile content of a site to determine page rankings. The big takeaway for SEO and digital marketing? If you’re…

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How Voice Search is Changing SEO And What You Can Do to Stay Ahead of This Game Changer

The future of SEO is here with voice search. People no longer wish to use their hands to search online, and can you blame them? Why would you ever want to use your hands if you could…

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How SEO TWIST Helped Al’s Steakhouse Update for 2017 Without Losing its Past

The initial meeting gave us a detailed look at the size and scope of the project. SEO TWIST was asked to develop a 10-page website to revamp and revitalize the restaurant’s existing and out-of-date site…

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Advice From Our Experts

Aaron Vo and Marcius Kosienski
SEO TWIST Web Development Team
Coding Websites and Taking Names

Robert Fulghum is noted for saying, “Speed and efficiency do not always increase the quality of life.” The same is true when it comes to developing websites for our clients. Speed and efficiency do not necessarily increase the quality of the website or its rankings on Google.

Aaron and Marcius know this all too well. They understand that taking the time to write proper, cleaner code reduces bugs, minimizes resource-intensive processing, speeds up loading time (which Google likes), and best of all, provides a smoother, more enjoyable user experience (which Google also likes).

It’s easy to sidestep quality concerns when we’re being pushed for short-term results. However, our team understands that good quality code not only reduces time wasted on troubleshooting, adjustments, and maintenance issues in the future, but also improves rankings, traffic, and leads.

Aaron’s Advice of the Month

“It’s not about how fast I code, it’s about how fast your website is.”

Google prefers web pages that load fast. People hate waiting and tend to leave if a website takes longer than 10 seconds to load. Better coding leads to faster loading times, lower bounce rates, higher engagement, and greater experience, which is exactly what we want for all our clients.

Marcius’ Advice of the Month

“Code is like a child: if you put in the time and care in the beginning, you won’t have to worry much later on.”

While expediency is a desirable benefit, the tradeoff is that is often leads to a higher chance of encountering errors, bugs, and headaches. But taking the time to properly write good, quality code will often pay for itself many times over in the long run. Do it right once and don’t worry too much about it later on.