Web Analytics: Understanding KPI’s that Matter

In-Depth Analytics of Your Marketing Campaigns Focused on Identifying What Works and What Doesn’t

Website Traffic Flow, Call Tracking & Advertising Performance: Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Consistent monitoring and analysis of data will show you how, when and what actions the online visitors took during the engagement process. On-site web analytics track and measure a visitor’s journey once they’ve landed on your website, including stops on pages considered “drivers” or “converters” (pages that encourage people to actually make a purchase). Moreover, these powerful analytics are also used to measure the performance of your website, in a purely commercial context., and this data is then compared against key performance indicators (KPI) and finally used to improve the campaign’s audience response.

We Use Advanced Web Analytics Tools to Tweak Performance

Using advanced web analytics, we personalize sites for repeat visitors, monitor the dollar volume of individual or group purchases, observe demographic data and predict which products and or services customers are most/least likely to buy in the future. All these techniques are designed and utilized to increase the likelihood of a repeat purchase.

Web Analytics Google Certified

Call Tracking and Web Analytics

Call Tracking: Prospect Filtering and Quality Assurance

Call tracking is a state-of-the-art tool that essentially identifies which marketing channel makes your phone ring. We create one phone number per marketing campaign to help you understand which sources are driving calls. Our software then provides analytical data on the effectiveness of organic positioning, paid advertising, social media marketing channels and conventional offline marketing collateral. This tool organizes and categorizes calls by type; it records conversations for play-back, allowing you to effectively conduct your own call quality assurance and prospect filtering.

Keyword-level call tracking allows us to correlate individual inbound telephone calls to the search keyword that the caller used to find your website. This not only allows our clients to understand which marketing sources are driving calls from prospective clients, but it also means we can drill down to the individual search keyword level and link calls to specific web visitors.

Advertising Analytics: Are Your Ad Dollars Being Well Spent?

Tracking the performance of your paid advertising campaigns such as AdWords or Facebook Ads will give you invaluable information for improved performance and proper budget allocation.

Ad analytics bring insights on which advertising channels and activities are performing above (or below) industry standards. Our team has the expertise and experience on identifying key areas of your advertising spend and providing optimized solutions to ensure your advertising dollars are yielding ROI.

Web Analytics and Budget Allocation


Our team can help your business with advanced data analytics and business intelligence that bring in amazing results.